About Us

How Can Head Over Heals Help You

Believe it or not, there are a few simple habits that you can incorporate into your daily life that will help reduce your pain and improve your mobility. Let Head Over Heals teach you how! Our daily blogs have hundreds of great tips and The Human Manual is filled with more!

Who We Are

Head Over Heals was co-founded by husband and wife team, Jeffrey and Sheryll Givens. Together, they saw the struggles of chronic pain and the need for real solutions. After years of research, they found and developed their secrets to pain relief…and they’d like to share them with you.

Our Story

Jeffrey is a disabled veteran of the United States Navy and a long-time pain sufferer…more.

About The Human Manual

The Human Manual is based on the premise that understanding is the missing step in the process of EVERYTHING we do. Since early childhood, we’ve come to learn that it’s important for us to understand how something works in order to fix it if it’s not working. Our bodies are the same way. Before we can fix something that’s broken (i.e. that mysterious pain), we need to understand what’s really going on.

Authority figures merely address the symptoms and not the true concern. No one has explained chronic pain as simply and directly as The Human Manual does. In this book co-writers Jeffrey and Sheryll show you how to look at the source of your pain and discover real solutions that avoids costly and unnecessary prescription medication, surgery and/or therapy.

Simply by replacing bad habits with good habits and using some of the tips offered in The Human Manual, you too can learn the secrets to instant pain relief and live your life pain free!

Our 1,000 People A Day Mission!

Our Mission is to educate and fix 1,000 people a day who suffer from not understanding the true source of their mysterious pain. Our goal is to teach an understanding of how the body should work and share our simple tips and “good habits” so that you too can live a pain-free life!.

So, go ahead – live your life pain-free. We dare you. Commit to it, achieve it, live it!

Meet Jeff and Shae

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